Speed Round 107: Favorite Teacher

Now… You tell us: who was your favorite teacher and why?

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09 2010

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  1. 1

    I have so many favorite teachers I can think of! I’m really glad that I’ve had teachers that have left an impresion on me! Thanks for sharing!

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  2. Emily #

    If I had to choose just one, then overall I’d have to say that my favorite teacher is (high school senior currently, woo!) my Spanish teacher for Spanish 1 and 2. She’s just so young and fun and goofy and it’s so easy to get along with her. Everyone wants to be in her class. She’s really cool and can relate with teenagers really well.

  3. 3

    Probably my fourth grade teacher MRS K.– she was really sweet, attentive to her students and had kids of her own and had an open-heart. She didn’t talk down to us, we were almost like equals.

    Hard to choose from. Probably my current English teacher (though my BStudies teacher is pretty cool too), since she is so so so dedicated to what she does. English, and literature is her life. She’s super organised, always throwing us too much homework, and really encouraging. For a subject that is really bleak and *at risk of being flamed* pointless, she makes English almost bearable. :P


    NOT ENTERING– already have a copy of BGDD. :)

  4. Maddy #

    My favorite teacher is probably my eighth grade Social Studies. He is the one who taught me to think outside the box and still asks me if I’m still writing.

  5. Katie #

    I have so many favorite teachers, but if I had to pick one it would have to be my 7th grade teacher, Mrs. Downs. She was the teacher everyone was afraid of before you have her. Everyone thought she was the strictest teacher ever. But once you have her as a teacher, you never want to leave. She’s hilarious! and an amazing teacher. for example: instead of just putting us to sleep by reading from the textbook, she’d just read a few lines then explain it to us in a way we’d understand and could relate to